Our first grade classes are filled to the brim with energy and high hopes. These learners will benefit from the first grade team's ability to be hard working, focused and positive while also finding space to express joy in learning. This is going to be a great year!
about 8 hours ago, Gregory Butler
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Greetings, Most people, kids included, feel better when they smile & rightfully so. Science proves that smiling or laughing provides multiple benefits to overall health at any age. Here are four important reasons smiling is good for you:read more here: https://bit.ly/3zYyLOx
about 11 hours ago, Gregory Butler
Smile one
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We had a wonderful first full week at #HawkNation Our students love school already🤩
1 day ago, Aleshia Smith
kindergarten student
first grade class
After learning that Miss Friedman's (counselor) eyes see the good in everyone, Ms. Williamson's class decided a hug attack was necessary! #HawkNation knows how to show the love!
3 days ago, Kathryn Friedman
Meet the Counselor!
Kindergartener learning about what a counselor can do for him!
We love coloring at Hawthorne Elementary!
This Kindergartener sure can color!
5 days ago, Anthony Hoosier
Kindergarteners showing Core
We just couldn't be any more proud of our new Kindergarteners! Ms. Gansert's class is already showing CORE by lining up with their hugs and bubbles! Ask your student if they can show you how they walk in the hallway showing CORE here at Hawthorne! #BETHECHANGE #HAWKPRIDE
6 days ago, Kathryn Friedman
Ms. Gansert's class showing CORE while lining up for lunch!
CORE is alive and well at Hawthorne! Here are some of our 4th graders practicing CORE in the Cafe. It hasn't taken long for these kids to learn these procedures! It is going to be a great year! #BETHECHANGE #HAWKPRIDE #COMMUNICATION
6 days ago, Kate Warren
Cafe Procedures
We love seeing our students and staff practicing CORE in the hallways. Classrooms are making the investment so they can benefit later.
7 days ago, Gregory Butler
CORE Practice
Greetings, Day two has started well. Students, families and staff did an amazing job with arrival! Thanks, #BETHECHANGE #HAWKPRIDE
9 days ago, Gregory Butler
Let's celebrate Mrs. Mundell's 2nd graders! This morning they created a class pledge and learned the power of creating guidelines for a successful classroom and the importance of agreeing to and signing a document.These C.O.R.E. rock stars are on their way to a great school year!
9 days ago, Kathryn Friedman
Mrs. Mundell's class pledge
Your 2022 - 2023 Hawthorne Staff is proud to serve HawkNation! What a great first day! @BETHECHANGE@HAWKPRIDE
10 days ago, Gregory Butler
Hawthorne Staff
After school tutoring is so much fun!
10 days ago, Carolyn Dupree
We love tutoring!
We love tutoring!
What an exciting first day back! Our students definitely proved they know what CORE in the hallways look like!
10 days ago, Aleshia Smith
CORE in the hallway
LET'S EVERYONE GIVE A BIG #HAWKNATION WELCOME TO OUR CLASS OF 2035!!! We couldn't be more excited to welcome all of these new smiling faces and welcome back our returning students. Time to buckle down and start growing our future's leaders!
10 days ago, Kathryn Friedman
Incoming Kindergarten student excited to share her talents with the rest of us this school year!
The YMCA is always ready to love another HAWK!!! https://indymca.org/youth-development-center/before-afterschool/ #HAWKPRIDE #BETHECHANGE
10 days ago, Gregory Butler
ymca two
Let’s go! #HAWKPRIDE
11 days ago, Gregory Butler
What an amazing night to meet all our new families! So excited to see all the children tomorrow on the first day of school. Make sure we get dressed and come in and ready to go. #HAWKPRIDE
11 days ago, Gregory Butler
families in classrooms
We are so excited to see our little Hawks coming through the door tomorrow!
11 days ago, Carolyn Dupree
Smiley Face
We are so excited to see everyone tonight. Please bring the supplies you would like to drop off. See you at: KG from 5PM-6pm 1st-4th from 6PM-7PM #BETHECHANGE #HAWKPRIDE
12 days ago, Gregory Butler
First day of school is quickly approaching! Can’t wait to see our young Hawks fill the school! #HAWKPRIDE #BETHECHANGE
12 days ago, Anthony Hoosier
School Starts Soon